Oramune Max



Whether you have an existing immune condition or simply want to give your body the best protection possible, you’ll find that our most popular product, Oramune Max is the all-natural and safe way to boost immunity.

This powerful blend boosts immunity with its key ingredients: Transfer Factor (TF), bovine colostrum, Beta-1, 3/1, 6-D Glucan and vitamin C, Oramune Max utilizes the full power of beta glucans to activate the immune system against viral, bacterial, fungal, parasite and neoplastic invaders.

Beta Glucan has a variety of therapeutic qualities and has even been shown to enhance the impact of chemotherapeutic drugs. Improved communications between macrophages and T-cells initiate the body’s natural immune response. Beta Glucan has also been shown to be protect against radiation by protecting immune cells.

Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger, is added to Oramune Max for maximum potency and optimal activity.

Oramune Max can help protect your body against a range of invaders, no matter whether they are viral, bacterial, fungal or parasites. Those seeking an all-natural way to increase immunity will find Oramune Max to be a powerful ally.

Our customers have seen improvements with everything from allergies, colds and flus to fatigue and tissue repair. Parents have also seen improvements from symptoms associated with autism.

  • Extracted from cell walls of common baker’s yeast
  • Contains no yeast cells
  • Completely safe and contains no known toxic properties

Directions: 3-6 Capsules per day or as directed by a Health Care Professional.