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I purchased Ora Mune Max at the recommendation of my doctor for my son with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. His behavior was typical for autism, with severe behavioral issues, as well as, allergies and infections. No one was more surprised than Me, when at his next IEP his grade level went up 2.5 years. I started him on Ora Mune Max in March of 2003, and as of September he has not had one respiratory infection. We noted quite a good change in his behavior. Tim's communication was also becoming more social with the family and he was throwing less tantrums. I did my own experiment to see if it was the Ora Mune Max & Transfer Factor, which gave us such good results. I stopped giving Tim Ora Mune Max for about two weeks and there was a definite regression in his behavior. Tantrums and aggression returned along with withdrawal. We began the Transfer Factor again when my husband insisted on stopping the experiment. Within two weeks he was back to his prior level of improvement. To see such a change in our son has been remarkable, and I cannot credit anything else beside the transfer factor. Because of the success we have had, I have been using this product with my other family members and so far we have had excellent results. In my opinion, this one product is worth a truckload of vitamins.

April 15,2005

UPDATE on our experience with Ora Mune Max: We have been using Ora Mune Max:

for two years now with our son and he has continued to do very well. His general health has greatly improved and we can barely remember the years of perseveration and tantrums he had on a daily basis. I try not to run out of transfer factor. For him, it is crucial in helping his immune system function at a more normal level. Our family is so much less stressed out, too. We don't have to deal with freakouts, and his life is moving forward. Thanks to Dr. Youdim for this great product.

Carmel Lozano

My son is 4.5 and was diagnosed as autistic at 20 months. When he was 15 months old he received his MMR vaccination and life for him or us was never the same. He developed chronic diarrhea and a sleep disorders (to name a few things). We were told by our DAN doctor, Bob Sears, to start giving Spencer Ora Mune Max, and what a difference it has made. The diarrhea has cleared up and he has become more focused. His eye contact has really improved as well as his receptive language.

Cameron's Mom

I'm the mother of a 3-year-old autistic boy. My son started taking Ora Mune Max approximately 6 months ago. Cameron's doctor had recommended this product to me to help support and boost his immune system. Cameron had multiple recurring infections and was ill almost every week. When we started the product, the differences I noticed were minimal. But after being on the product for 3 months, I started to see significant results. The recurring infections stopped and he was no longer sick all the time. With the exception of an occasional viral infection he contract in school, he's generally a very healthy boy. We performed a biofeedback reading about a month ago and according to the reading, Cameron's immune factor was at 95%, which I understand to be excellent. I was advised to continue with the OraMune Max in support of his immune system.


I have had my children on Ora Mune for the past 4.5 years. My son is very susceptible to upper respiratory infections and would get croup constantly as an infant and toddler. I put him on this product when he turned two years old. He did not have croup for 3.5 years. I decided to try a new product last winter and all of my children ended up with a bad case of the flu and my son had such a bad upper respiratory infection that the doctor thought he may have the beginning stages of pneumonia. Since that time we have gone back to using Ora Mune and have had no upper respiratory problems since. This product works great and I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested.



Prior to my foot and ankle surgery last year, I had heard and read that colostrums and beta glucans were very helpful in healing a variety of problems, and especially for tissue repair and immune system support. I had also read that it was necessary to obtain high quality colostrum. I had a number of health problems, including a hiatal hernia and GERD, herpes simplex, and several conditions in my feet and ankles. When I asked my health care provider, a functional medicine physician, about a product with these ingredients, he agreed that they would probably be helpful, especially with respect to my recovery following surgery. He recommended Ora Mune Max which I have been using for almost a year. I do many things to improve my health. I believe that Ora Mune Max has helped my digestive and immune system. I have not had an outbreak of herpes simplex in many months, in spite of numerous stressors in my life, and have had no upper respiratory infections, flues or viruses. I am eating well and having no stomach upsets. So I plan to continue taking Ora Mune Max as an essential component of my wellness regimen.

Sincerely yours.


I have been using Ora Mune T.F. for about 3 months to help my immune system deal with very extensive food allergies. After taking it for only two weeks I began to see improvements. Now after taking it for 3 months, my allergies have improved at about 95%. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Karen Dulude

I'm writing today to let you know how helpful Ora Mune TF and Ora Mune Max have been for me. I had been suffering from fatigue and frequent viral infections for nearly 14 months when my nutritionist and medical doctor suggested I take a combination of Ora Mune TF and OraMune Max to help boost my immune system. Under their care, my struggle with fatigue was improving, but I had reached a plateau and the infections occurred if I lapsed from my regime of supplements. When I started taking Ora Mune TF and Ora Mune Max, I noticed a significant increase in mental acuity and energy level within a few days. I really felt different! To further highlight the benefits of OraMune TF and OraMune Max, while on a two week vacation, I ran out of both supplements and went a few days without them until I returned home. Five days after stopping the OraMune TF and OraMune Max combination, I suffered a viral infection prompted by the stress of the travel. Despite far more stressful situations in the month prior to this, while taking Ora Mune TF and Ora Mune Max, I did not suffer one infection. Thank you for providing information on transfer factor and working with my nutritionist to provide this helpful supplement.


Several months ago in whole dog journal there was an article regarding transfer factor. Following the article in the next issue there was a letter from Said Youdim Ph.D. of Immune Therapy Research Laboratory regarding Ora Mune Max. I wanted to share the good luck we are having to date with an elderly lab who was diagnosed in March with untreatable cancer by two veterinarians. The prognosis was 2 weeks to 2 months life expectancy for the dog. The tumor had covered 90% of her liver and had nearly surrounded the dog's bladder. I have been giving the dog 3 capsules daily of Ora Mune Max, along with Milk Thistle, Shark Cartilage and Cell Forte enzymatic therapy. The dog is not in pain, has a good appetite and has stopped losing weight. This great dog still loves to run at the beach for 10-15 minutes at the time. We don't believe in miracles; however, we are fortunate to have the extra time with this wonderful adopted family pet.

Thank you,

Carell Jantzen

This is just to let you know my experience with a couple of your products, Ora Mune Max and Derma Mune. I’ve been using Ora Mune Max since 2001 and am amazed at how well this product works. My family and I use Oramune Max every time we feel like we are coming down with something and more often than not, we are able to kick start our immune system. I have made it through 4 flu seasons and haven't been caught yet. I have also recommended Ora Mune Max to a close friend who was experiencing trouble with her sinuses. After a couple days on the Oramune Max, all her sinus problems cleared up. Amazing!

Alicia T.

About eighteen months ago I begun taking the Ora Mune capsules and in that time frame, I have not even had a sniffle. Before taking Ora Mune, I was subject to frequent bouts of bad cold and bronchitis seasonally. My daughter brought me a bottle of multigenics and Ora Mune. She urged me to take these capsules especially since I was under a great deal of stress for a long time. I have not been ill even one day and I credit Ora Mune for my well being. I feel strongly that I am well because of Ora Mune despite two recent tragedies in my life. Thank you for sending my order so promptly. I shall tell many others of this wonderful product. Much Success to you.

Betty Roe

It was a pleasure speaking to you on the phone the other day. Actually I was honored to speak to you as the developer of Ora Mune. I have been taking it on an as need basis for about a year and a half now. Prior to taking it I had chronic sinusitis. I was getting between 2-3 sinus infections a year. As a result I had to go on antibiotics each time. Since taking the Ora Mune I have not gotten one infection. I would swear by this product. I can't say that about any other product that I personally use. It has truly increased my quality of life and my health. I also give it to my young daughter by opening the capsules and mixing it with applesauce. We have thwarted off several colds as a result. I thank you again… Regards….

Janet Chimino

I have been on ora mune MAX for approximately two years. It is an amazing product. I was constantly getting sick, especially when I travelled. Now I hardly ever catch any cold or flu, even when others around me are sick. I ran out of the product and was off of it for a couple of months. I saw a huge difference in my health. I won't be running out again.


My family (wife and two daughters) and I have been using Ora Mune MAX for several years with great success. I have always had a weak immune response. Growing up I was constantly on antibiotics for several allergies, chronic bronchitis and occasional asthma. As an adult (now 49 years old) I have always been very susceptible to every virus and infection going around. Every time I would get sick, it would last several weeks and would include bronchitis and wheezing. Now i take Ora Mune MAX at the first singe of symptoms with amazing results. Most of the time taking Ora Mune MAX prevents any symptoms from ever taking hold, however, what has me most convinced is that when I do get sick, the symptoms are so mild and run their course in such a short time. I am absolutely certain that this product dramatically enhances my immune response. I have not had a single bout with bronchitis since taking Ora Mune. As a family we all use it, strongly believe in the product and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Paul Restelli
San Diego, CA


I have operated a holistic medicine / family practice for several years. I have been prescribing Ora Mune Max and Ora Mune TF for many of my patients. These products have been very effective for enhancing immune support of patients with chronic stress, chronic fatigue, and recurrent sinus infections. I highly recommend these products to other practitioners as they may be of significant benefit to their patients.

Nelson Kraucak, M.D.

I have managed a busy clinical practice for ten years, based on nutritional therapy and have treated six thousand patients. I have used Ora Mune Max and Ora Mune T.F. for several years now, and it is the best product I have ever found for enhancing the immune response. It is the only product that I use that I tell patients will work 100 per cent of the time to completely eliminate colds and flues and other recurrent infections. For those who suffer from sinus infections, food reactions, or any frequent illness, it is a miracle.

Daniel J. Kalish, D.C.

The OraMune Max supplement from Immune Therapy Research Laboratory has become a favorite of mine for immune system modulation. Its combination of transfer factor, beta-1,3-glucan, and colostrum is perfect for those patients needing immune system support, especially children with an autistic spectrum disorder who commonly suffer from chronic infections and immune dysregulation. The results of using the Ora Mune Max with these children, as well as other patients with chronic health issues like chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, etc. have been dramatic. I would highly recommend this product.

Kurt N. Woeller, D.O.
DAN Doctor

I have been using two of your products, OraMune Max and the injectable form of Transfer Factor, for nearly a year, both for my patients and myself. The oral Ora Mune Max has proven itself quite effective in providing on-going support for the immune system, especially in those with significant chronic stress in their lives, while the injectable Transfer Factor is excellent for situations requiring a more immediate boost to the immune system, as is needed in more serious illnesses. I highly recommend these products to other practitioners as they may be of significant benefit to their patients.

Susan J. Oliver, M.D., Ph.D.

I have found Ora Mune Max to be very helpful for immune support of my cancer patients as well as my patients with chronic fatigue. I think it is an excellent supplement and should be considered first line for immune support.

William H. Stephan, M.D.

I have used Ora Mune TF and Ora Mune Max during the last 2 years with documented lower infection rates in patients with chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction and others with recurrent lung and sinus infections.

Gary J. Shima, M.D.

I have been using your Derma-mune skincare product for about six months and have found it to be an excellent natural alternative to steroids for various forms of autoimmune dermatitis. For example, we have had good results using it to treat my son’s eczema. Thank you for creating this wonderful product and please continue to bring us more useful products like this one in the future!

Heather Revelis, M.D.

Derma Mune Testimonials

I have been using your Derma Mune skincare products for about six months and have found it to be an excellent natural alternative to steroids for various forms of autoimmune dermatitis. For example, we have had good results using it for my son‚s eczema. Thank you for creating this wonderful product and please continue to bring us more useful products like this one in the future.

Heather Revelis, M.D.

I have experienced excellent results using Derma Mune Re-Tensify cream for facial acne. After using ProActive for many years, I began using Derma Mune Re-Tensify initially to treat a hypersensitivity reaction I developed to ProActive. I surreptitiously discovered that my acne completely cleared up and I was able to stop using the ProActive altogether. Now I am only using Derma Mune Re-Tensify. My results with ProActive had been only modest, but I no longer need to wear makeup because my skin is so clear since switching to Derma Mune Re-Tensify. I hope others will try it for this purpose. I am sure they will also be pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness in treating acne.

Heather Revelis, M.D.

As soon as I heard you have formulated Derma Mune Re-Tensify, I had to try it. I use the cream every time I get a cut or blister. My first experience with Derma Mune was when I sliced my thumb while cooking and tried Derma Mune. The pain went away almost immediately and the cut healed completely within 4 days. The next time I needed it, I had a blister on my foot. I used the Derma Mune once again and as was my first experience, the pain subsided almost immediately and the blister healed without any problem. I have used this product for over a year now and absolutely love it. Thank you for formulating such effective products. With all the options we have out there, it‚s nice to find products that actually work.

Alicia T.

I had to let you know just how much I love Derma Mune creams. Although I noticed the difference in my skin just days after I began using it, now my skin looks even better than I imagined. I just turned forty this past July and began working on my skin. The process was a facial peel, followed by using Derma Mune Re-Tensify or Derma Mune Final Touch and taking Vitamins. After only two peels, my face felt and looked much better. My face was scarred with lines and looked bumpy. The peels and vitamins helped, but the Derma Mune was what really accelerated the healing process. Now my face is much smoother and healthier looking. Derma Mune is a miracle creamΣ. really. I feel better because my skin looks better. Thank you for creating such wonderful cream. Please send me two more Jars. One for me and one I give to my friend as a gift.

Elizabeth Mendoza

I just turned 50 and am seeing the changes in my skin. After just a short time using Derma Mune, I noticed my skin feeling softer and the lines around my mouth seemed softer. I thought maybe it was my imagination, then I ran out of the cream, and I see now that it really was helping. I just reordered and can‚t wait to get back on it. Thank you for all your wonderful products.

Vicky T.

A few weeks ago after an intravenous treatment, a plastic bandage was placed on my forearm. Soon after, I experienced a progressive allergic/ inflammatory reaction at the site that resulted in severe pain, erythema, edema, burning sensation and skin eruptions as demonstrated in the accompanying pictures. The severe pain and discomfort continued even after removal of the bandage and in fact became exacerbated during the following week. At this time a friend of mine asked me to try Derma Mune Re-Tensify cream developed by an immunologist. Within two days following the use of the cream, I noticed a dramatic healing process. The pain, burning sensation, erythema and swelling all subsided. The abscess and skin damage quickly resolved and within the following 8-10 days the healing process was almost totally resolved. More impressive was the rapid reversal of the ugly dermal discolorations that I had feared would be permanent. At day 20, there is very little sign of the original wounds. I definitely attribute my rapid recovery to Derma Mune Re-Tensify and highly recommend it for reconstitution of dermal damage and general skin health.

Katy Bina

Dr. Youdim, I would like to thank you for all the great things your product, Derma Mune has done for me. My doctor recommended that I try Derma Mune on my skin and I have been using the cream on my skin where I had inflammation and discoloration for years. It has done wonders to restore my skin tone and helped control breakouts. I have only used the cream for few months now, so I can imagine and look forward to even more positive results. Thank you once again, your product is amazing.